Thursday, May 02, 2013

Because I'm a moron

You heard that correctly just in case you doubted for a minute I wasn't one or I wasn't aware I am one. The fact is, I shut myself out of my own controlling abilities on this here blog. And, I will one day pick back up the process of moving the relevant posts to a new blog as a result.  But, in the meantime, while we wait the day when I am motivated enough to sift through more than 200 posts and choose which ones stay and which ones end up tossed in the internet garbage pile, here is simply the link to the new site.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blogging isn't fun today

Due to technical difficulties (operator error to the max) this morning, the blog is virtually left in limbo going forward. I no longer have true management of it aside from the posts themselves.  So, I'll be undertaking a copy and paste - an arduous and time consuming process that pains me just thinking about it to move it over where I'm not locked out of my own blog.  I hate the idea of losing it all or trying to just link it until Google implodes. It's probably a good thing anyway and will permit me to just dump a lot of stuff as it needed updating for a long time anyway.

Additionally, it may permit me to just let my "publicized" inconsequential life fade out.  I debate the value of putting on the appropriate spin to everything I journal anyway at times. Seems that a public journal either needs to strive for finding the silver lining or it just sounds like complaining (which I have to say would be cathartic on some days these days) which no one tends to read or like in my neck of the woods.

We'll just see what all this rolls out as.  Suffice to say, for the moment, I'm simply irritated over my own ineptness that brought about the latest test of my patience.

Friday, March 22, 2013


The inability to stop the motion of food going in my mouth yet no ability to start the motion if my body in action to work out.

The joy of the 22nd date in April and October, but the sorrow tied to it in December now.

The observance in a simplistic post online to reflect in a loss timed almost to the same hour with another's sharing of their joy over their blessing - both regarding children that were to be born in all likelihood days apart.

The tension of being in angst and remorse over sin and its presence in one's life and the elation and release by the grace if God through Christ in His salvation from it.

Life is loaded with "ironies" or tensions. All are simply a part of this world and again the reminder that things are not (yet) complete. There is beauty in the broken world (subsequently us too) because the brokenness reflects the need for a Savior, the great Healer, to redeem and restore it all.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

No words

Many folks wouldn't believe this for a minute, but I actually find myself at times  - more often as I age, I think - without the words to convey whatever I'm feeling.  If I were to describe things I'd call it a combination of being frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, restless, tired, eager, lost, uncertain, irritated, angry, excited, etc, etc.  Is all that clear? Yup.  Same for me.  I don't get it either.  Maybe that just makes me crazy.  Is that how crazy starts?


Finding it bizarre that my blog has been viewed more than 2x as much in Russia as here in the States.